Plant Filled In Home Anniversary Session


Being invited into someone’s home to document their lives in its most natural and comfortable sense will forever be a humbling experience to me. It's because of this that in home sessions are some of my favorite sessions. However this one was extra special for me... Chelsea and DuRon weren’t the only ones celebrating an anniversary—I was celebrating an anniversary of my own. About a year and a half earlier, they welcomed me into their home for the first time to document their lives. The day prior to their session, I had also photographed my first ever wedding! It was a pivotal and exhilarating weekend in my career, and the power of revisiting that place, both physically and mentally, was not lost on me. This session was the first time I photographed a previous client, which allowed me to see just how much I had grown as a photographer, how much they had grown as a couple, and even how much their multitude of plants had grown!


When Chelsea reached out to me, I just so happened to be visiting Kansas City the very next day! Before this session I had always done in home sessions in the early morning hours, hoping to catch the bright morning light streaming in. But we were on a time crunch, forcing us to shoot in afternoon light. It was one of those fate moments that pushed me out of my comfort zone—and into a place of creative freedom. In this session, I saw light through a whole new lens as I embraced it and its many dancing shadows. New shadows came as quickly as they went, bringing new perspectives with them. As the afternoon light dappled in from the trees, through the hundred year old windows and across their skin, I became keenly aware that I was capturing fleeting, simple memories to last a lifetime.

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